Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Game Development class project

Soooo... haven't been working on any VERGE projects. But I thought I would share with you my little game engine demo project that I made for my first game development CS 321 assignment. It's really, really short. These screenshots are basically the whole thing. Plus a menu. Plus a parallax background. It made be appreciate what VERGE already does for you with its map and tiling system.

You'll need python:
and pygame:

And here's the game itself:

Our next project, which I'm working on right now uses Blender. And our third one uses an interactive fiction engine called Inform 7, which I'm pretty excited about.


cag said...

man, you've got quite a bit on your hands. I've put this on syn's blog, but good luck with continuing your compo entry. it sounds ambitious, considering you'll be juggling other projects as well.


egometry said...

Code, where art thou? :(