Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coding along with Code

Hi guys, I'm working with Syn and Rockstar to save face on our failed Compo game by building it up into a failed respectable normal game. I'm in the process of "porting" the VC code that I wrote over to LuaVerge.
I'm really liking Lua, and transcribing the code that I already wrote has been a great way to learn the syntax and the ins and out of a new language.
Overkill, you've been a tremendous help to me. I left your Learn Lua page open in Chrome for like a week. And I've been using your vx library almost exclusively, it does a great job of OOing all the v3 stuff. (I even added BlitEntityFrame to the Image object!) Kildorf and Overkill, please mash together your Lua libraries! I believe the term for a library like that is "the unstoppable juggernaut of the VERGE universe."

Keep watching this blog for further updates.

Chris "Code" Odlaug


speveril said...

Code, we've discussed doing exactly what you've asked for. It should happen once I'm in a position to rewrite everything to use vx... hopefully.

- Kildorf

syn said...

Can't wait to see what Lua can do!

egometry said...

Needs moar zodiac. :(